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Address Challenges With A Positive View

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Many challenges are equally positive and negative. It depends on how you look at it. There’s a whole host of cliches we can throw in here about having rose colored spectacles, glass being half full or half empty, looking for the silver lining etc. However the fact that these remain popular cliches today, just demonstrates the relevance of this mindset.

Here’s an example. If I was someone selling a very niche product and I was the only one doing this type of thing, when another business starts selling a similar product my initial reaction is likely to be negative.

However, what are the positive sides of this? Now that I have competition I need to up my game and ensure that no complacency seeps into my business. There’s also benefits in having competition in a niche market as it means there’s someone else sharing the work of selling the concept.

Addressing a negative situation with a positive mind set is going to make it a lot easier to find good solutions.

How to Look for Positives in a Negative Situation

The first thing to do is to prepare your mind. Trying to look for positive features in a bad situation when you are angry or upset will be very difficult. Instead, walk away from the situation. Give yourself a break. Perhaps go for a walk or do some exercise to clear your mind. When you are able to think about something else, that’s the time to go back to your problem.

Take a look at your problem with an open mind. Write down all the negative points and then address them with a positive point. For example, if a wholesale account went bust my list might look like this:

  • No wholesale business / opportunity to readdress wholesale strategy
  • Surplus of stock / use this for promotions to grow email list

You can continue working through your list, looking for a positive balance for every negative point.

This will help you address a problem with a positive frame of mind and find the silver lining in any cloud.

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