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Assertiveness Quest – Start Here

Every creative business owner needs good assertiveness skills. Assertiveness is the difference between thinking ‘I can’t’ rather than ‘I can’. An assertive person knows and believes that they can say no when someone asks them to do something which is a major time imposition. Someone who lacks assertiveness skills feels they can’t say no and end up taking more and more on themselves or fail to achieve what they need to achieve to grow their business.

Assertive Skills for Creative Business Owners

Whether it’s telling a customer that they can’t have a refund or negotiating with a supplier, or asking your partner to help with some household tasks while you are working on your business. Good assertiveness skills will help you maintain great relationships while getting the things done that you need to make your business grow. Most importantly, this means knowing how to say ‘no’ without offending someone else or heaping guilt onto yourself.

Assertiveness isn’t an easy skill to acquire. While it is something we were all born with (what is a baby doing when it is crying other than asserting his need for attention), we often lose it as we get older. The mix of having the need to please and not wanting to upset others, often means that our assertiveness skills get weaker. People sometimes fear being assertive because they don’t want to rock the boat. Yet this means that they are taking on more and more, until they realize that while they are not rocking someone else’s boat – their own boat is close to capsizing.

In our Assertiveness Quest we look at all elements of being assertive to achieve what you need to achieve to develop a successful creative business. We look at how to be assertive without being aggressive, how to agree to disagree when compromise is the best option and we share tips and advice for making assertiveness second nature in your business.