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Free Affirmation Coloring Pages

Our free coloring affirmation pages provide you with the perfect meditative way to think deeply about a positive affirmation statement. The repetitive nature of coloring allows you to let your mind explore the affirmation statement while also letting your creative side shine.

To get the best from daily affirmations it’s important to really contemplate and consider the aspects of the affirmation as they relate to you, your business and your situation. Think about how this affirmation applies, imagine how this affirmation looks and feels. If you would like to learn more about daily affirmations and how to use them to grow your creative business, you’ll find more information here – What Are Daily Affirmations?

As creative people, we often feel that we should be ‘doing’ something. We like to create. We like to explore. Therefore it’s often difficult to relax and give ourselves the time we need for daily positive thoughts and affirmations. This is why our coloring pages are a great mix. They allow you to explore your creativity while also freeing the mind to contemplate the different facets of the day’s positive affirmation statement.

Free Coloring Affirmation Pages

Our pages have been designed to print at 5 x 7″ size (the size of a greeting card). This is because we want this to be an enjoyable coloring and meditive experience without being too time consuming. You can add the colored affirmation page to a planner, frame it and hang it on the wall, use a fridge magnet to pop it on the fridge door, send to a friend – use it in any way that will best help you get the most from the affirmation.

Free Coloring Affirmation Pages To Download

Download the coloring pages following the links under the image. We’ll be adding more pages soon so don’t forget to check back to see what we have that’s new for you 🙂