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Self Confidence for Creative Entrepreneurs – Why It Matters

Self confidence tips to help creative entrepreneurs take their business to the next level

Learn how self-confidence can help the creative entrepreneur take their business to the next level.

If my mind can conceive it, my heart can believe it, I know I can achieve it! ― Jesse Jackson

Confidence plays a huge part in any creative entrepreneurs’s life. From giving the confidence to use our skills through to trying something new or having the confidence to take our products and sell them. The inner strength that comes from self-confidence is part of the mindset a creative person needs for success. Add to that all the other challenges that come our way, from making a Facebook Live recording to your group through to presenting to a store owner, without a doubt, a high degree of confidence will help your business surge.

But what if you don’t have a great deal of confidence in yourself? Or what happens if you are plagued with self-doubt or low-esteem? What if your confidence is sapped by the people around you?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could top up on confidence like we can top up on vitamins. Have you ever wished that you could simply pop online and order a self-confidence boost?

If only it was so easy!

But don’t worry – you’re not alone. Behind the even the most confident of people there’s often someone who has wrestled and overcome self-confidence fears (and sometimes they may not even have overcome their fears, instead they may have learned tips and tricks to help them exude the impression of self-confidence).

Self-confidence is something we all need – and in a small creative business it is absolutely key. After all, if we don’t have confidence in ourselves and what we do, how can we expect others to?

This is why we have created this website – to help creative people give themselves the self-confidence boost they need to build a successful business.

So, if you have ever said to yourself ‘I just can’t do this’ or thought ‘That person is successful but I will never be like that’, read on! We’ll help you uncover your best self!

What Will You Learn?

So what then is self-confidence? How can we acquire it if we need bottomless supply to help us face our daily challenges?  This blog sets out to provide the answer.

Our aim is to teach you how to:

  • Boost your self-worth or self-esteem
  • Appreciate your uniqueness and strengths
  • Help others become more confident
  • Improve your self-confidence without becoming self-centered
  • Relate confidence with nurturing relationships

We will be looking at all areas of self-confidence. This includes self-esteem and ridding yourself of nagging self-doubts and limiting beliefs. Have you ever felt worried about jumping on to do a Facebook live because of how you look – or felt intimidated by the way too perfect profile images of coaches and mentors who look as though they are straight out of the beauty salon? If you are not content with your self-image, it will sap your self-confidence. Have you ever given up before you started believing you couldn’t do something? This is a nagging self-doubt which is holding you back from building your business.

During interviews, confidence boosts a person’s chances of clinching that dream job. Consider a situation where two applicants are vying for the same position. During the interview, one exudes poise and self-assurance, while the other is a nervous wreck. Do I need to ask who will get the job?

The same applies when we, as creative entrepreneurs, are selling our work and services. Someone who is confident about themselves and their work is bound to gain the trust of the buyer quicker than someone who lacks confidence. And as we all know, winning trust is a key part of the sales cycle.

Self Confidence = Effectiveness?

Why is self-confidence often equated with effectiveness? A person’s self-confidence shows assurance in their own decisions. A self-confident person will have the confidence to power ahead and not let any self-doubts hold them back.

Confidence has the power to overcome fears, hindrances, opposition, and setbacks that can confront the best of plans. A confident person will jump into a challenging situation with both feet, ready to overcome any problems ahead. People with a high degree of self-confidence are normally more likely to be successful – all other aspects being equal.

It is equally significant to discover the different situations that weaken self-confidence. People who are trapped in an environment that fosters negativity and constant criticism become disheartened and discouraged. An embarrassing or disappointing incident can suck the confidence out of a person. And we will be looking at this in more detail later.

The best part in all of these is that confidence is something that can be developed.  

It is something that can be learned 

and that learning starts now…

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Self Confidence Quest Menu

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in each Self Confidence Quest post. Click on the link to go to the relevant page:

  • YOU ARE HERE – Self-Confidence For Creative Business Owners – Introduction: why does self-confidence matter for creative business owners? What are the unique challenges we face?
  • What Is Self-Confidence? – Before we dive into tips and techniques for boosting self-confidence, let’s look at what self-confidence is. And importantly, what it isn’t.
  • Change I Can’t Into I Can – An important part of self-confidence is a subtle change in mindset.
  • How Self-Confidence Affects Our Lives – How self-confidence impacts our lives and why self-confidence and success often go hand-in-hand.
  • Self-Confidence and Ability – Why developing our skills (the know what, know why and know how factors that affect how we do things) will help to super-charge your self-confidence.
  • Positive Thinking and Self Confidence – Self-confidence and positive thinking are two sides of the same coin. Learn how to think positively to help boost your self-confidence (and if you’d like to dive deeper into how you can power your business with positive thinking, don’t forget to check out our Positive Thinking Quest.
  • Overcome Self Defeating Thoughts and Habits – Often we derail our own self-confidence with self-defeating thoughts. We give ourselves reasons why we can’t do something and therefore don’t even start. Learn how to battle self-defeating thoughts and give your self-confidence the opportunity to shine.
  • How Our Early Years Shaped Us – In order to really understand why we are lacking self-confidence, taking a look back at our early years can help to shed light on where we are now. If we can understand what has shaped our confidence in ourselves we can better understand what we need to do to address this.
  • Find Your Best Self – Well, that’s why you’ve joined us here at Best Self Quest 🙂 Finding our best self is key to becoming self-confident. If you love who you are, others will love you too. And from that comes self-confidence.
  • The Inner Filter – Learn about your inner filter. The inner filter is what stops us from believing the positive things that other people see in us. Overcome the inner-filter and you’ll release yourself from the shackles that lack of self-confidence brings.
  • Give Your Best – Give your best and let your self-confidence soar! In this post we look at tips for giving your best and how to concentrate on what you are good at and face up to the things you’re not so good at 🙂
  • Stop Making Comparisons – That’s it. Stop! Making comparisons is human nature, however, it is also damaging to our self-confidence. In this post we look at ways to stop the negative habit of comparing ourselves to others.
  • The Origins of Self Criticism – In order to build self-confidence we must stop criticism. But where does self-criticism come from? In order to stop criticising ourselves, we must know more about where it comes from and why we do it.
  • Listen To Yourself – Are you stopping yourself from being more self-confident? In this post we share a great tip for helping to understand what part we play in our own battle between self-confidence and self-doubt.
  • 15 Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence – Here are 15 ways to boost your self-confidence. Not every tip is going to work for every person. Try them and see what works best for you.
  • Friendly Inner Dialog – Stop your mind from working against you! Allow yourself friendly inner-dialog and this will help to support you in your quest for increased self-confidence.
  • Prepare For Self-Confidence – Self-confidence will come with preparation. Learn how to prepare and plan to become a more self-confident version of you.
  • Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People – Know what? Self-confidence is catching! Surround yourself with self-confident and supportive people.
  • Statements of Affirmation – Here we have some statements of affirmation to share with you. If you’ve never tried using these to help shift your mindset, now is the time!
  • The Last Word – Winding up the self-confidence quest for creative entrepreneurs!

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