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How Self-Confidence Effects Our Lives

There are many levels of confidence

Self-confidence is frequently equated with success. Success and self-confidence often go hand-in-hand. Success leads to self-confidence, and self-confidence, in return, leads to success. Therefore it’s no surprise that we look for self-confidence as a means to boost the success of our creative business and to experience how that filters through all aspects of our lives.

We should be cautious, however, that we do not over generalize and don’t look at self-confidence as being the magic wand that’s going to make us super-successful, mega-attractive and give us the perfect life. Other than self-confidence, people generally need a combination of specific and general abilities to be effective and efficient depending on circumstances. These may include specific technical skills or techniques connected to the specific project or job you are dealing with. These may also be general skills – such as communication or other day to day skills.

Beware of Overconfidence!

Just as lack of confidence can hold us back – so can overconfidence.  In some instances, when people become overconfident and ignore important steps such as preparation and practice they make risky or bad decisions.

An overconfident person will believe they are invincible and not be prepared to learn from mistakes or ask for help.

Overconfidence can also be a negative trait in the eyes of others. An overconfident person will not ask for or listen to the advice of others. This overconfidence can have as much of a negative effect on your business life as being lacking in confidence.

Maintaining a right sense of balance and correct timing is the key. There are instances where it is better to have the humility to admit your lack of knowledge over the subject matter, seek suggestions, and invite views and suggestion of others. When all facts have been considered and all angles of the subject have been carefully studied, you can make clever judgments. This is the right time to affirm your situation with confidence.

A confident sailor will make mistakes, capsize their boats, learn from their mistakes and become a better sailor. An overconfident sailor will capsize their boat, believe that the problem lies elsewhere and continue to make the mistake, never becoming a good sailor and continually wasting time and energy righting their capsized boat.


Part of self-confidence is a general trust in oneself and a genuine liking of oneself. And this is a big part of being self-confident. Self–confidence is also synonymous with self-esteem and self-worth.

American psychologist Eric Berne used everyday language to illustrate the esteem in which we regard others and ourselves.  He says that we think of ourselves as ‘OK or Not OK’.

According to Berne, during our early lives we all go through a stage of low self-esteem where we think that we are Not OK. After a series of positive experiences, we like ourselves more and hold ourselves with high esteem where we feel I’m OK.

According to him, the great divide lies in how people generally see themselves. He saw that there are people who always affirm to themselves, “I’m OK” (i.e. high self-esteem) and then there were those whose usual view about themselves is “I’m Not OK” (i.e. low self-esteem).

This level of self-esteem may differ at any one time, depending on the situation. Attaining success in a task may increase one’s level of self-esteem. Likewise, failure or criticism may have a negative impact. Independent of these situations, some people have higher degrees of self-esteem, hence self-confidence, than others.

Therefore if you want to give your self-esteem a real boost, set yourself some realistic goals. Something that’s challenging but is also achievable. For example, set yourself the goal of creating 4 blog posts a month or a social media post a day. You can achieve this and a series of setting goals and achieving them will help to build your self-esteem. Tip: Only set goals you have control over. Financial goals mean you are dependent on others (your customers) to achieve. Set goals where you and only you are responsible for your success.

Setting yourself goals and achieving them is something you can do to help you feel good about yourself and build your self-esteem.

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